Vth International Comparative Literature Conference in Turkey

The Vth International Comparative Literature Conference in Turkey will be held on 15-17 October 2014 at Mersin University. The title of this year’s conference has been designated as ‘Local Contexts, Global Connections: Transitions, Deviations, Innovations in Literature, Culture and Art’. The title is inspired by Yaşar Kemal, the writer of local cultural values of Anatolia, and Pierre Bourdieu, the sociologist emphasising globality of cultural transfer.

Invited speakers include Professor Francis Claudon, Professor Monica Spiridon, Professor Monika Schmitz-Emans and Professor Onur Bilge Kula. Abstracts up to 250 words either in English, French or German are invited for 20-minute papers. Deadline for abstracts is 30 May 2014.

Visit the website for details.