Winners of the Arthur Terry Postgraduate Essay Prize 2014

The winners of the Arthur Terry Postgraduate Essay Prize for 2014 have been announced at the BCLA Annual General Meeting and Colloquy that tok place on 4 October 2015. The jury, which was comprised of members of the BCLA Executive Committee, has awarded the following:

First prize: Yiyi Lopez Gandara (Queen Mary University of London) for an essay on ‘Translation and Solidarity’.

Third prize: Jonathan Rees (Cardiff University) for ‘What could art and virtue mean to him now, when he might reap the advantages of chaos?’ Style in Death in Venice: Mann, Visconti, Britten’.

In addition to prizes of £100, £50, and £30 respectively, the winners are also awarded with one-year free BCLA membership. We congratulate them all for their success.

* All essays are published under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 on the BCLA website unless otherwise stated.