Transcript: A New Legenda Book Series

Legenda Transcript Flier Image

Transcript, a new Legenda book series, publishes books about all kinds of imagining across languages, media and cultures: translations and versions, inter-cultural and multi-lingual writing, illustrations and musical settings, adaptation for theatre, film, TV and new media, creative and critical responses. They are open to studies of any combination of languages and media, in any historical moments, and are keen to reach beyond Legenda’s traditional focus on modern European languages to embrace anglophone and world cultures and the classics. They are interested in innovative critical approaches: they welcome not only the most rigorous scholarship and sharpest theory, but modes of writing that stretch or cross the boundaries of those discourses.

See the website or download the flier for details.

If you would like to propose a book to Transcript, or discuss a possible project, please write to the general editor, Professor Matthew Reynolds.