‘Orienting Fiction’ at Oxford

Orienting Fiction Poster Image

Professor Marina Warner (Birkbeck, University of London and President of the BCLA) will be convening a series of seminars titled ‘Orienting Fiction’ at All Souls College, University of Oxford in April-June 2015.

The eight-week programme is as follows:

Week 1 – 30 April: Abdelfattah Kilito, ‘Story-Bearers: Dante and Sindbad’

Week 2 – 7 May: Marina Warner, ‘Stories in Motion/Ways of Dwelling’

Week 3 – 14 May: Marina Warner, ‘“The Wondrous Flitting” of the Holy House: Mary in England’

Week 4 – 21 May: Ibrahim Al-Koni, ‘Vagabond Homelands’

Week 5 – 28 May: Marina Warner, ‘Elissa the Wanderer: Dido in Carthage’

Week 6 – 4 June: Hoda Barakat, ‘La narration dangereuse: nos personnages et la mise-en-abîme’

Week 7 – 12 June: Nacer Khemir, ‘Les deux labyrinthes: le récit des Mille et une Nuits et la ville arabe’

Week 8 – 18 June: Marina Warner, ‘Riddle Princess: Turandot in Paris’

Download the poster or visit the website for details.