Workshop: The Transnational Circulation of Women’s Writing

Under the auspices of the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing (CCWW) based at the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the School of Advanced Study, University of London and Travelling Texts, 1790-1914: The Transnational Reception of Women’s Writing at the Fringes of Europe (Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain), a half-day workshop entitled ‘The Transnational Circulation of Women’s Writing (1780-2014): Archives, Libraries, Translation’ will be organised on 26 June 2015 in Senate House, London. The event is sponsored by HERA – Humanities in the European Research Area.

This cross-cultural half-day workshop sets out to discuss different ways of approaching the history of women’s writing during the long 19th century and to explore how these roots can shape and inform contemporary praxis. The aim is to establish a productive dialogue between the past and the present of women’s participation in literary culture, bringing together the remits of the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing and the historical focus of the HERA-funded collaborative research project Travelling Texts, 1790-1914. Special attention will be paid to the important role of libraries as institutions that conserve, shape and present our literary heritage for contemporary users, with contributions from Dr Gillian Dow, Chawton House Library, and Donna Moore, Glasgow Women’s Library.

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