Prismatic Translation: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN

Prismatic Translation

Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation (OCCT) in collaboration with the European Humanities Research Centre (EHRC)

St Anne’s College Oxford, 1-3 October 2015


Translation is prismatic when it produces multiple variants. This can happen in the process of a single translational act, or when a text is translated into different languages, or when it is translated into the same language several times. Our conference will explore all these aspects of the prism of translation in order to assess their origins, their effects and their potential.

 Questions to be considered include: what do translation prisms show us about the nature of the texts that are being translated? Can they illuminate the differences between script systems (Roman, Chinese, Arabic etc)? Is there virtue in translation practices that display variants instead of choosing between them? Are such practices more at home in new digital media than in the old technology of the book? Is the culture of translation shifting, with new ventures showing interest in prismatic translation? Is the discovery of variants a kind of creativity? What should we make of the disto rting effects of the prism (mistranslation, erasure, collage, pseudotranslation)? Is there political potential in the way prisms can be harnessed to invert, deviate, split apart? Is it problematic that global translation is dominated by a few major languages? Can machines contribute to a prismatic translation culture, or will they blight it? Could translation prisms be a resource for cross-linguistic, cross-scriptal, cross-cultural study at the micro level?’

 Our conference brings together scholars, theorists, translators, writers and artists to explore these questions.

 With keynote presentations from Emily Apter (NYU), Philip Terry (Essex), John Cayley (Brown) and Rocío Baños Piñero (UCL).

 Some bursaries are available for postgraduate attendees. For details, please email Dr Xiaofan Amy Li and Alexandra Crosta.

To register, please go to the link here

Please also see the conference programme.

Organising Committee: Prof Matthew Reynolds, Prof Phillip Rothwell, Dr Sowon Park, Dr Adriana Jacobs, Dr Mohamed-Salah Omri, Dr Ben Morgan, Dr Xiaofan Amy Li, Alexandra Crosta.

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