LINKS Event: Creating Creative Criticism

LINKS (London Intercollegiate Network for Comparative Studies) 

17 November 2015, 18.00-20.00 in Room 243, Senate House (second floor)

Creating Creative Criticism with Stephen Benson and Clare Connors

Dr Clare Connors and Dr Stephen Benson, University of East Anglia

Literature students learn early on that the ‘content’ of a work cannot be considered apart from its ‘form’, and that any literary criticism worth its salt must consider the interrelation between the two. And yet too frequently, critics operate as though the form of their own writing were negligible, insignificant or transparent. In this talk we discuss a number of works – which we’ve gathered together in our anthology Creative Criticism  (EUP, 2014) – whose very form participates in the critical thinking they also undertake. We’ll talk about the conversations and considerations that went into making the anthology, and also say something about the MA module we teach in relation to it. We hope that the ensuing discussion will permit us all to think more about the particular formal possibilities and exigencies of comparative critical work.

For the complete 2015-16 programme of LINKS, please see the attached file.

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