The British Comparative Literature Association (BCLA) invites submissions of monograph and edited volume proposals for its series of Studies in Comparative Literature, published on behalf of the Association by LEGENDA, the joint imprint of Maney Publishing and the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA).

Studies in Comparative Literature take a global approach and range widely across comparative and theoretical topics in literary and translation studies, accommodating research at the interface between different artistic media and between the humanities and the sciences.

Subject to editorial approval, LEGENDA are in a position to publish relatively quickly. Books deriving from doctoral dissertations can be accepted on the basis of examiners’ reports, but authors are asked to indicate how they propose to revise their theses into a book which will make a contribution to their fields of study. Publication requires a subvention of £1,000, for which authors and editors are requested to seek the assistance of their institution; the BCLA may also be able to offer publication support.

If you have a manuscript that corresponds to our comparative concerns, please write to LEGENDA’s Managing Editor, Dr Graham Nelson and to the Editorial Committee Secretary, Dr Dorota Goluch. If the book derives from a PhD thesis, please attach examiners’ reports and indicate how examiners’ suggestions have been addressed in the book proposal, or why those suggestions have been declined. Further guidelines on submission are available from the Legenda website.

The series has published over thirty titles to date. A full list is available from the website.

Please see the PDF for more details.

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