First Issue of «Comparatismi: digital periodical of the Board of Literary Criticism and Compared Literature».

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: 29th February 2016.

Interactive, transmedial, multi-modal, adaptive, therapeutic or global, narratives have been revealing an extraordinary pervasiveness in the current scenario of literary and non-literary communication. As a consequence of the progressive and rapid broadening of the focus of research from the forms traditionally reputed as authoritative (like literature), to storytelling meant as a mode of thought, peculiarly characteristic of the human species, speculation about the act of narrating has been continuously enriched with contributions from various and different fields and disciplines. Not to neglect the analyses of the symbolic universe, of the processes of identity construction, of the various modes the Self shapes itself in relation to others.

On the theoretic side, for example, we are attending to a redefinition of narratology in the light of new methodologies of investigation and criticism, which take into consideration the discoveries of neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists and the new centrality conferred to the reader; studies are being developed which interpret original works in their potential for interaction with the user or for transcoding towards media different from ‘native’; possible answers are being investigated to the big question about the role narratives have played in the adaptive-evolutive process of the human species; hypotheses and speculations are being carried out about their impact on humans’ wellbeing and sociality.

Stirred by the new “learned” attention and by seven-digit sales, narrative production has been diversifying itself in countless blends of genre, with different modes of fruition and a gradient of potentials for immersive transportation into fictional worlds: from the fragmentation of fanfictions on the web to the unchallenged emerging of a dominant kind of global novel.

The first issue of Comparatismi, the official digital periodical of the Board of Literary Criticism and Compared Literature, aims at hosting contributes representing as widely as possible the current range of approaches to narrative thinking, both in theory and in the practice of criticism; including studies both in close and distant reading on the most significant narrative modes in the world today, in literature, advertising, life-stories, television serials, cinema and graphic novels.

Abstracts should be submitted via this website by February 29th 2016. The full texts of contributions should be submitted by May 31st 2016, following the instructions available on this website (see Online submissions). The articles accepted after reviewing will be published in September 2016. Submissions in languages other than Italian (preferably English, otherwise French) are encouraged and appreciated.

For further information, please write to Francesco Laurenti or to Stefano Ballerio.

You can read the call for papers and submit your proposals on the website.