CFP: On the Margins

On the Margins: Postgraduate Seminar on Travel Writing

The Centre for Travel Writing Studies, Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus

30 June 2016

Deadline: 15 Mar 2016

The Centre of Travel Writing Studies (CTWS) at Nottingham Trent University invites postgraduates researching travel writing of all eras to join us in a one-day workshop exploring travel writing ‘on the margins’.

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the journal, Studies in Travel Writing, edited by Tim Youngs, this workshop celebrates the growing popularity of travel writing as an area of study, and its increasing expansion beyond the margins of literary and cultural studies over the past two decades. At the same time, we encourage a new generation of scholars to address those aspects and varieties of travel writing which remain on the margins of the discipline. We are therefore especially interested to hear from researchers whose work destabilises or complicates the genre through consideration of marginalised travel writing or travel writers.

Papers should focus on accounts of actual travel by authors who have undertaken the journeys described. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

* Travel writing in translation or non-Anglophone travel writing
Postcolonial travel writing
* Working-class travellers/travel writers
* Forced transfer or displacement (e.g. slavery, exile, refugee, Balkan narratives)
* Migration (e.g. Windrush narratives, Irish and Scottish diasporic narratives)
* Domestic travel writing
* Gender and travel writing
* Sexuality and travel writing
* Mode of travel (e.g. pedestrianism, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, boat, aeroplane)
* Manuscript travel accounts
* Travel writing in alternative narrative forms (e.g. graphic novels, magazines, blogs)
* Non-linear or non-textual forms of travel narrative (e.g. oral cultures, Indigenous Australian songlines)
* Poetry and travel
* Creative explorations of travel writing
* Re-readings of established travel texts

Please send abstracts of 200-300 words to Rebecca Butler and Mara Sprengel by 15 March 2016.