CFP: Reconfiguring Black Europe

Reconfiguring Black Europe
Institute for Modern Languages Research University of London
 5 November 2016
Deadline for abstract submission: 5 April 2016
How can we dislocate European Blackness (as ontology, identity, or ideology) from its implicit racial-historical point of departure in order to arrive at as-yet undefined conceptualizations of subjectivity, belonging, and aesthetics? What does Blackness mean in/for Europe? What elements of Blackness or Black diasporic identity are privileged in European discourses and how do these configurations solidify hegemonic expectations of racial/gendered/classed normativity? The aim of this workshop is to foreground less explored/familiar paradigms of Blackness throughout Europe with the intention of unsettling what has become taken for granted in contemporary discussions of ‘Black Europe’. We are therefore seeking papers which will provincialise, defamiliarise, and contextualise local sites in which significations of Blackness have shifted the dimensions of what we claim to address with the moniker ‘Black Europe’.
We are now inviting proposals for 20-minute papers. Please e-mail a 250 word abstract and brief biographical statement to the organizers. Please see the website for more information.
Deadline for abstract submission: Tuesday, 5 April 2016.