PRAXIS Annual Production: Melted Butter

PRAXIS the Oxford University Greek Society theatre team promoting contemporary Greek theatre is hosting its third annual production.

Melted Butter, by Sakis Serefas, directed by Anastasia Revi at the Simpkins Lee Theatre of Lady Margaret Hall College between 4th and 6th May.

Inspired by true events, Melted Butter is a black comedy touching upon what drives humans to violence. With his unique ironic writing style, Serefas brings us an intriguing story of love, innocence, and fate.

They play will be performed in Greek with English surtitles. PRAXIS, is the first theatre company to translate Serefas’s work, and a Q&A session regarding the play, artistic approach, and translation process will follow the performance on Thursday 5 May.

Tickets: £11 (£7 concessions).
Please see the webpage for bookings or contact us via email for more informations.