Translation Studies Research Forum 2016

Translation Studies Research Forum 2016: Transcultural Reading

Tuesday 10th May 2016 (14:00-18:00)

This year’s Forum will take place on Tuesday 10 May and will focus on the theme of “Transcultural Reading”. Speakers include Professor Susan Bassnett (Warwick), Dr Chantal Wright (Warwick), Dr Beth Driscoll (Melbourne) and Dr Natasha Rulyova (Birmingham). The Forum ties in with a project currently being run by BCT members Dr Angela Kershaw, Dr Danielle Fuller and Dr Gabriela Saldanha on “Reading Transculturally, Consuming Foreignness? Investigating Reading Fiction in Translation in the West Midlands” which looks at practices of reading around translated literature in the UK generally and in the West Midlands in particular.

Please see the event website for more information.