CFP: Comparatismi Digital Periodical

Intersemiotic Translation and New Forms of Textuality

Second Issue of Comparatismi: digital periodical of the Board of Literary Criticism and Compared Literature. Deadline for the submission: April 15th, 2017

We are looking for contributions that represent as widely as possible the current reflection on intersemiotic translation and new forms of textuality. We welcome analysis of intersemiotic translation (from the novel to the film, from the videogame to the television series, from the television series to the novel etc.) and new hybrid texts.

Contributions, in the form of articles ready for publication and inclusive of an abstract, should be submitted by 31st March 2017. More information can be found on the website. Authors selected to be submitted to peer review will be notified within 15th May 2017. Finished, reviewed articles should be submitted by 31st July 2017. Articles accepted after reviewing will be published in November 2017. Submissions in languages other than Italian (preferably English, otherwise French) are encouraged and appreciated.

For further information, please write to Francesco Laurenti ( or to Stefano Ballerio (