CFP: The Danger of Words in an Age of Danger, Exiled Ink/CCLPS (SOAS)

The Danger of Words in an Age of Danger, Exiled Ink/CCLPS (SOAS), Saturday 1 April

This one-day symposium sets out to examine the contemporary danger of words as it affects exiled writers and some minorities. It will interrogate diverse aspects of the ‘Danger of Words’, from denying exiled writers the freedom to write about the ills in their societies, to the manipulation of words  by dark and sinister forces in our established democracies and the way this affects writers.

Exiled Writers and scholars will examine the ramifications of the country of origin’s continuing censorship of exiled writers’ literary production post exile and of the silencing in the country of destination, in relation to the writers’ literary, aesthetic and ontological negotiation and resistance to it. Exiled literary voices will articulate their responses to the implosion of liberalism in the country of origin and the crisis of liberalism throughout Europe with the rise of the xenophobic right, and of the US right. In a further session on the danger of words, Jewish and Muslim poets will express their own nuanced and varied personal subjectivities and narratives resisting the simplistic and dangerous identities imposed on them.

The symposium will conclude with an exiled writers’ poetry recital.

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