Creative Critical Writing Lab (UCL)

Creative Critical Writing Lab

Monday 6 November 2017 | 18:00-20:00 | room 6.02 UCL Bartlett School of Architecture

Following on from the successful Creative Critical Writing and Creative Resistance Workshops held at UCL in June and July 2017, and in response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received on them, we are setting up a series of writing labs. These writing labs – a forum for creative critical work in progress – are open to researchers of all disciplines and all stages of their careers. Our primary aims are, firstly, to offer a space for constructive criticism on current creative critical research projects and, secondly, to inspire future work and resistance through a collaborative reading of creative critical texts.

The first two writing labs – 6 November 2017 and 5 March 2018 – are focused on the theme of love. On 6 November 2017, Tim Mathews and Mathelinda Nabugodi will look at Percy Bysshe Shelley’s short essay On Love (1819) and Roland Barthes’s Fragments d’un discours amoureux(1977) [A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments trans. by Richard Howard] focusing on the introductory section on how the book is constructed and the fragments s’abîmerabsenceatoposdéclarationidentification, and lettre. We will explore the ways in which these two authors use creative techniques to drive their critical argumentation about the overpowering, and yet elusive, subject of love. Our reading will provide a foundation for the second part of the seminar which is devoted to discussion of work-in-progress by its participants.

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The next Love Lab will take place on 5 March 2016. More on that soon.

The Writing Labs are conceived and organised by:
Emma Cheatle – Tim Mathews – Mathelinda Nabugodi – Emily Orley – Jane Rendell – PA Skantze