“May ’68 at 50: Program” ICLA in NYU Abu Dhabi

Here is the program for “May ’68 at 50: Politics and Literature,” the Committee workshop to be hosted on 9–10 May by NYU Abu Dhabi:

Robert Young: May 1968 as a Theoretical Event

Vladimir Biti: The Ethical Appeal of the Indifferent: Maurice Blanchot and Michel Foucault

Anne Duprat: Events, Epochs and Turning-Points: Time vs. Period in Critical History

Divya Dwivedi: TBC

Jean Khalfa: TBC

Kyohei Norimatsu: Friendship in “Dark Times”: Moscow Unofficial Art after 1968

Robert Stockhammer: “We shall therefore never write about what took place or did not take place in May”: Politics of Literature, ’67/’68

Galin Tihanov: 1968: Romanticism’s longue durée

Kang Woosung: “I would prefer not not-to”: Critical Theory after Bartleby

Stefan Willer: The Future of 1968