Weidenfeld Lectures in Comparative European Literature (at St Anne’s College, Oxford)

Professor Durs Grünbein will speak on: Beyond Literature: Or, on the intrusion of history into the narrative of one’s own life

Anyone born in the twentieth century – this century of wars and divisions – will have found themselves already historicised even as a child. For the emerging writer, the poet, there will inevitably come a certain moment when he becomes conscious of his position in the overall context of the history of his nation, his family and his language community. From that moment on his writing will seem above all to obey an overarching imperative: that of bearing witness to his times. But poetry insists on going its own ways, seeing the world with its own eyes. Out of this comes a constant tension, or, one might say, irresolvable dialectic. That is the core contention of these four lectures.

Tuesday 7th May 2019: The Violet Postage Stamp
Thursday 9th May 2019: Landscape in Chains
Tuesday 21st May 2019: The Aerial Warfare of Images
Thursday 23rd May 2019: For the Dying Calves
All lectures take place at 5.30pm at St Anne’s College, Oxford (Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre).

Durs Grünbein is one of Europe’s leading poets and intellectuals, the recipient of many major German and International literary prizes, including the Büchner-Price 1995, Nietzsche-Prize 2004, Hölderlin-Prize 2005, Pier-Paolo-Pasolini-Prize in Italy 2006 and Transtömer-Prize in Sweden 2012.

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The Weidenfeld Chair in Comparative European Literature is a Visiting Professorship at the University of Oxford, and is an established part of the academic year at St Anne’s.