Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 BCLA/BCLT John Dryden Translation Competition:

First Place:

Jessica Wood for her translation from Stefano Benni’s Italian text Il bar sotto il mare

Second Place:

Michael Day for his translation from Yumiko Kurahashi’s Japanese text ⾙の中

Third Place:

Lin Falk Van Rooyen for her translation from Knud Romer’s Danish text Kort over Paradis


Highly Commended:

Yvette Siegert for her translation of selected poems from Piedad Bonnett’s Spanish texts Poesía reunida and Los Habitados


The Shortlist also included (in no particular order):

  • Simon Jones for his translation from Edwar al-Kharrat’s Arabic text Amam al-Bhar
  • Paul Castro for his translation from José Cardoso Pires’s Portuguese text Carta a Garcia
  • Krzysztof Majer for his translation from Andrzej Muszyński’s Polish text Podkrzywdzie
  • Simon Deefholts and Kathryn Phillips-Miles for their translation from Cristina Fernández Cubas’s Spanish text Ausencia
  • Luke Stafford for his translation from Javier Cercas’s Spanish text Soldados de Salamina
  • Terry Bradford for his translation from Boris Vian’s French text Vercoquin et le plancton

 The Longlist included (in no particular order): 

  • Sabrina Jaszi for her translation from Reed Grachev’s Russian text Адамчик
  • Sabrina Jaszi for her translation of three short stories from Reed Grachev’s Russian texts Машина, Одно лето, and Помидоры
  • Dan Harvey for his translation from Reinhard Jirgl’s German text Mutter Vater Roman
  • William Burns for his translation from  Yael Inokai’s German text, Mahlstrom
  • Anna Bentley for her translation from Márta Patak’s Hungarian text Kinyílott a tulipán
  • Charlotte Coombe for her translation from Orlando Echeverri Benedetti’s Spanish text Criacuervo
  • Gabi Reigh for her translation from Liviu Rebreanu’s Romanian text Ciuleandra
  • Maya Feile Tomes for her translation from Salvador Benesdra’s Spanish text El Traductor

With many thanks to everyone who entered.