Full-time, part-time and retired members can expect the following: 

  • Three print copies each year of the British Comparative Literature’s peer reviewed house journal, Comparative Critical Studies, published by Edinburgh University Press. Besides open submission academic articles representing leading research in the field, the journal also features sections dedicated to the keynote lectures of the triennial BCLA conference, the Malcolm Bowie Memorial Lectures, and selected themed papers from BCLA conferences and workshops.
  • A monthly newsletter via e-mail featuring up-to-date news and events relevant to our members’ interests.
  • Reduced registration and accommodation rates for the British Comparative Literature’s international conference, held once every three years.
  • The right to apply for monetary sponsorship towards a workshop or other type of conference: the BCLA usually sponsors four such conferences a year.
  • Members may also participate in the BCLA’s governance through participation in the Association’s Annual General meeting, and, in general, participate in the exchange of innovate and scholarly ideas in the field of comparative literature, through online networks, and attendance at the wide range of events hosted or sponsored by the BCLA.

Post-graduate members can expect the following:

  • Online access to the three issues published per annum of Comparative Critical Studies.
  • A monthly newsletter via e-mail featuring up-to-date news and events relevant to our members’ interests.
  • The opportunity to apply for one of the travel bursaries awarded twice annually towards attendance at conferences and research events.
  • You can also contribute an entry for the annual Arthur Terry Prize awarded for an essay written in English on any aspect of Comparative Literature.
  • Attendance at regular half days and seminars for postgraduate students, led by top scholars in the field together with besides a BCLA-sponsored postgraduate reception and one-day conference, held at regular intervals.
  • Other opportunities for networking, including through dedicated social media, with the national and international community of postgraduate students and collaboration with all scholars in the field who share an interest in comparative literature and related fields.


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