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Explore and discover the BCLA’s rich collection of essays on life in quarantine, new publications, and Comparatively Speaking: our latest interview series with new scholars in literature and translation. 

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Culture and Quarantine

This repository is intended for British Comparative Literature Association members to collaborate and engage with the uncertain climate of COVID-19, allowing us to reflect on the place that Comparative literature holds within the world. It contains member Reflections on Quarantine, a series of meditations from the international community on what it means to be scholars of Comparative Literature in the age of confinement.

Member Publications

This page celebrates the recent publications of British Comparative Literature Association members in the field of Comparative Literature or related fields, in any language.

Comparatively Speaking

This repository contains interviews with Early Career members of the British Comparative Literature Association on their career trajectories, future projects, and thoughts on the future of the field.

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