IMLR, University of London Early Career Fellowships: Inclusion, Participation and Engagements (deadline 11 March 2022)

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Early Career Fellowships: Inclusion, Participation and Engagement
The Institutes of Classical Studies, English Studies, and Modern Languages Research at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, are offering three five-month funded fellowships in languages, literatures and cultures. These are intended to support projects that address or wish to address inclusive and participatory methods of engagement as part of their research.

The School of Advanced Study has been awarded short-term funding to scope a programme of activities embedding inclusion, participation and engagement in research in the Humanities. As a result, the Institutes of Classical Studies, English Studies and Modern Languages Research are able to offer three Early Career Fellowships in the field of languages, literatures, and cultures. Fellows are expected to pursue their own research during the five months of the Fellowship and to contribute to the School’s scoping mission.

The Fellows will be based in the Institutes of Classical Studies, English Studies and Modern Languages Research, as appropriate. We invite applications from individuals, pairs or triads of early career scholars who have active research interests in these areas.

Applicants are invited to submit a research proposal on a topic of their choice, either individually or as part of a group. This should specify as an objective a defined outcome for the research carried out during the period of the Fellowship, such as a grant proposal, an article, chapter in a book and/or detailed proposal for a book.

In addition to pursuing their research programme, Fellows will be expected to contribute to the scoping of a programme of activities to promote inclusion, participation and engagement in research in the School of Advanced Study.  These might include making recommendations for training the School should develop for postgraduate research students and early career researchers, and other activities that will help advance, promote and support research in the humanities nationally. These recommendations will be communicated in a report, to be submitted by the end of the Fellowship period.

The Fellowships will last five months. Because of the nature of the funding, successful applicants must be available to take up the Fellowship as soon as possible, and in any case by the end of May 2022. Fellows will receive a stipend of £2,000 per month; this may be used as a contribution towards travel and/or accommodation costs during the Fellowship, though residence in London is not a requirement of these posts. Payment will be made in two instalments during the course of the Fellowship, at commencement and in month 3. The overall payment is £10,000 or pro rata if the fellowship is terminated early.  Some additional funding will be available to support events and activities.

The Fellowships are intended to support early career researchers without a permanent academic post. In order to be eligible for the scheme, early career scholars (i.e. scholars within eight years of PhD award, not including any period of career break) must have been awarded their PhD by the start of the Fellowship. Independent researchers without a PhD would not normally be eligible.

The closing date for receipt of applications and references is 11 March 2022.

Please read the full details of the fellowship scheme (pdf):
Method of application:

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