International Comparative Literature Association: Call for Contributions to Newsletter/Recherche Littéraire

A reminder that all current members of the British Comparative Literature Association are also members of the International Comparative Literature Association (AICL-ICLA) until further notice. The ICLA would like to invite contributions from BCLA members for the latest edition of its newsletter:

Dear AILC-ICLA members

Please send us ( any book, event, or
conference announcements, calls for papers, reports, etc. that you wish to
disseminate (please send a link to a webpage and/or complete and clearly
organised information including relevant deadlines, or it will not be
possible to include it.)

Please send all information by FEBRUARY, 25th, 5pm to be included in the
next communication to AILC-ICLA members, which will be circulated via
email on 1st March 2020. Information received after the 25th of February
will be included in the following communication, which we expect to be
sent on 1st May 2020.

Thank you to those of you who have already submitted announcements.

Recherche Littéraire

The latest edition Recherche littéraire/Literary Research, Fall 2019, the annual state of the art journal of the International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA) is now available for download. It publishes a wide array of book reviews, review essays, and commissioned scholarly articles. A few years ago, the Association decided that the journal would be published in open access. Back issues are available for free download from the ICLA website:

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