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‘Order in disorder : Understanding Nazi law with H. G. Adler’. Translation of Olivier Jouanjan, ‘Aux confins du droit: qu’est-ce qu’une norme juridique nazie?’ In: Lynn Wolff, A Modernist in Exile: The international reception of H. G. Adler. London: Legenda, 2019



School of Advanced Study, University of London



H. G. Adler (Prague, 1910–London, 1988), a survivor of Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, and two other Nazi concentration camps, is unique for his scholarly and creative approach to the traumas of the Second World War. While Adler became a pioneer in the now well-established field of Holocaust studies, he was nearly forgotten as a prolific author of poetry and prose. The tables have turned in recent years. English translations of his major fictional works have led to an international literary reception. At the same time, his groundbreaking historical work deserves renewed attention.

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