Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation Research Centre: all upcoming events now online

Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation is a research centre based in TORCH: Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities and St Anne’s College. OCCT nourishes work in comparative criticism and translation that spans the many faculties of Oxford University, and brings together experts in the fields of English, Modern languages, Oriental Studies, Classics, Music, Visual Arts, Film, Philosophy and History. Register at OCCT’s site for the weekly blog update.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all upcoming events hosted by OCCT throughout May and June, including Oxford Translation Day, will be hosted online and live-streamed. Please see the Events page for further details.

Oxford Translation Day will now take place as online sessions over a series of weeks, culminating with the announcement of the Oxford-Weidenfeld Prize shortlist on 13 June. We will also make recordings of some of Oxford Translation Day’s online sessions available on the OCCT website on 13 June.

Here is the Oxford Translation Day programme, in partnership with Modern Poetry in Translation and Queen’s Translation Exchange:

18 May, 1pm. Parwana Fayyaz on the Poets of Herat
[Live-streamed event, registration required]

25 May, 5pm. Ghost Letters: A Poetry Reading with Baba Badji
[Live-streamed event, registration required]

13 June, 3pm. Sophie Hughes Discusses the Novel Hurricane Season
[Recording will be available on OCCT website on this date]

13 June, 3pm. A.E. Stallings
[Recording will be available on OCCT website on this date]

13 June, 3pm. Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize Shortlist
[Shortlist will be available on OCCT website on this date]

For further details and to register, please go to the individual events on our events page: https://www.occt.ox.ac.uk/events.

The Discussion Group will run digitally on Mondays on a fortnightly basis (1pm; Weeks 2;4;6;8), and will require registration. The Week 4 Discussion Group will coincide with an Oxford Translation Day event, Parwana Fayyaz’s poetry reading. For further details and to register, go to the OCCT events page: https://www.occt.ox.ac.uk/events and DG page: https://www.occt.ox.ac.uk/occt-discussion-group-2019-2020-comparisons-across-and-beyond-genres.

Image by Alfonso Cerezo from Pixabay.

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